Opium Pipe Bowls (II)

Round Grey/Brown Stoneware Pipe Bowls

This series includes four different examples of one very popular style of pipe bowl, a flattened round shape with ridges around the outer rim. It’s interesting to look at the different techniques used to execute the same concept… all four examples are visibly distinct.

Shaped Grey/Brown Stoneware Pipe Bowls

This set of bowls includes the largest opium pipe bowl I’ve ever seen, the octagonal one with fine linework around the outer top surface. It would take some careful effort to fit this heavyweight to a pipe, but it seems to have been well-used, so someone clearly made it work.

Black Clay Pipe Bowls

This set includes a few oddities, some fairly rustic-looking examples, and a few pipes with lots of markings, some in unusual places. Some of these bowls seem to be made of red clay that has been blackened, whether through use or through other means.

Fake/Reproduction Pipe Bowls

Here are a few very common fakes, just for reference.