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    Pipe Dreams

    Hello Collectors

    I hope you are all safe and well as we meet the challenges of these troubled times. Here, on the Hudson River, just across from lower Manhattan, we have been in isolation for about two weeks now (though it is difficult to tell since my sense of time has begun to slip away).

    With so much time on our hands, I thought I would share some photos of one piece from my collection. Perhaps you have seen this bowl before; Steven Martic posted it to his website Opium Fiend not long before he passed away.

    Part of the discussion about the bowl centered on the bamboo stem, which, Steve theorized, would have been dunked in water and then inserted into the socket of the saddle. Absorbing the water, the bamboo stem would then have expanded to create an airtight seal.

    You can see that the detail, design, and craftsmanship of the bowl are just amazing. Please feel free to respond with some of your own photos; after all, we have nothing but time!

    (Sorry all, but it seems I am only able to attach one photo to this post)

    Best Tom

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    <span style=”-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);”>Hello Tom,</span>

    being quarantined as well but all ok.

    Following the news closely about the situation in NY pinching my thumbs for you guys

    Hang in there buddy, stay safe.

    Hugs and support from Central Europe




    attached a dear piece as well 😉


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    Pipe Dreams

    Greetings from the big empty. I hope everyone is safe and well. That’s a beautiful stand, Chris. I really like the ornate and detailed mother of pearl design. Does it also have the drawer in the back?

    Below is a copper plaque I picked up from a collector in Paris a couple of years ago. The plaque is etched with an opium-smoking scene and was used to make a series of lithographs. The artist, Jean Auscher, later went on to become one of the court-appointed artists to illustrate the trial of high ranking Nazis in Nuremberg after the war.

    Best Tom


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    Hi Chris. The bats on your damper stand are just amazing ! Joined a specimen of mine. As we know, COVID comes possibly from  a chinese bat colonia so we are still in the news ! Take care. Anna

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    Is the bowl stem all bamboo made? There is no copper tube inside?



    Hi Tom,  I remember the picture of your damper. I continue to look for a preserved bamboo slip on dampers and have never seen one in a brand new state as your.

    That is a spectacular Damper. I like the Greek key running along the bottom.


    Were you friends with Steve? I keep in touch with Jason, who handles the site.



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