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    Yeah it’s tricky… using Chrome to translate helped, but I still had to click on various things to see what they did. You have to register to purchase stuff, then when you pick shipping options, it was the third of four buttons if I recall correctly…


    Dear Collectors,

    you can find on this link below (and download) the catalogue of the auction where several Wolf K.  objects are referred. The auction sale is “indochine”. There is an interesting pipe (lot 316) with a square shape. I have not seen a lot like that. Happy to get your thoughts on it.



    There is also the catalogue of this exhibition that took place several years ago in Bruxelles in Belgium. It is almost impossible to find but you have several beautiful pipes in it.


    Hello everyone interested in illustrative literature about the history, art, and use of opium utensils. I am one of two authors of a book published very early in the 21st century, The Arts of an Addiction. Qing Dynasty Opium Pipes and Accessories (2005). Since that time, many other books have been released in several languages, so I and my co-author, Carlos Armero, have decided that it is time to reduce the price and sell what remains of the 500 copies printed. The original advertised price was $75; it is now $50 plus appropriate postage. Anyone interested can contact me for details:


    Haha, no not at all. I first heard about the book from the website but couldn’t find it anywhere. I asked my friend to pick it up from the museum in Taiwan and assumed he had got it there until he said his Taiwanese Wife bought it online easily and for around £10! I guess you need to speak/read Chinese!


    Welcome, Ben!

    Cay Tre, I saw that square pipe… I’m hoping to get some better pictures of it before deciding how much I want it.


    Hello ColBlo and The OpiumPipeKeymaster! Pleasure to meet two fellow collectors online.  I am somewhat of a luddite, so I must apologize for not completely understanding your response, ColBlo: I hold all copies of our limited- edition book and ship from home; it is not for sale anywhere on the web unless, of course, you encounter a used copy for sale on eBay. Don’t follow your comment about the need to speak/read Chinese. Our book is in English.


    Hi Benray. I think most of us already may have your book. As mine, maybe bought on eBay or auctions (the last one i saw was recently sold at auction in Germany). I remember we discussed this point years ago by mail. Would you mind me asking 2 questions about your book ?

    – some of the pipes displayed are from the Spiegl’s collection, could you tell the story ?

    – i had  a look on the gallery I and wonder why you finally don’t have published the pipe below which is quite amazing and obviously from the best chinese taste ? Thank’s for sharing it 🙂


    Not sure what you mean by “tell the Spiegl story.” His pipes were on exhibition at Berkeley, CA, and a small, illustrated brochure was published to record the event. The author was Patrick Maveety. You may be able to obtain a copy from a book seller. See page 210 of my book. His pipes are now in a private collection.

    As to the gallery — I assume that you mean the online “” — I am unfamiliar with this pipe. Should I know it? More to the point, do you mean that I should have included this pipe in my book?



    Yes i own the exhibition book you are talking about. As your co autor owns some of these pipes, i was interested to learn more about them. We are talking about the first exhibition about opium smoking aroun the world !

    For my 2nd question, this pipe is mentionned here in the gallery Rapaport Archives I… I must apologise for my misundestanding


    annachorete: I know nothing more about Spiegl’s pipes than he was willing to tell me when I contacted him after the exhibition. I am not sure that this was the very first exhibition about opium smoking around the world. It was certainly the “first” exhibition of opium pipes in the USA that I have on record. I maintain a rather complete database of exhibitions where antique pipes, including opium pipes, have been on exhibition, but I did not check this database as I respond to you if I have on file the “very first” exhibition of opium pipes and utensils.

    I had received many, many pictures and illustrations that could have been included in my book, but there is only so much space for text and so much space for images, and I had to decide which and how many would be included in each chapter. That is the typical decision that every author must make about a book’s layout.


    I found a link to three short French e-books by Yves Domzalski on collecting, prices, and what is genuine… I’m still poking my way through these slowly, but have found a lot of thoughtful stuff in them already:


    Hi Ben. Apologies for the confusion. I (and the other message) were responding to opiumgoddess about ordering the book from Taiwan, because it is the last message you can see on page 1 (I didn’t see page two). I did try to e-mail you about your book some time ago after seeing your e-mail address on the books page of, but my e-mail was returned. I think you have updated your email since then. Yes, I am interested in purchasing your book. I also noticed you contributed and answered questions on the AsianArt forums. I shall be in contact about the book! Kind Regards


    ColBlo: Not to worry! I tried many times to get that information changed on, but I think that whoever runs this website is no longer active. Fact is, when then book was published in 2005, In that year, I contacted several online loci to ask that they advertise the book when I was living in another state. When I moved out of state in 2010, I discovered that Verizon is not in business here, so I made every attempt to get that email address changed…but, as you can see, without success. You can contact me whenever at the current email address that I have posted here.

    Thx for your interest!


    Thanks for posting that link, TheOpiumPipe. I’ll have to dig through those myself this weekend (with the aid of google). 🙂

    I believe that the first exhibition of opium pipes and artifacts in the US was at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, which was held in St. Louis in 1904. Among the items the Chinese government sent were a dozen opium pipes, several lamps, raw and prepared opium, tools for harvesting opium, and, of course, a portrait of the Empress Dowager Cixi.

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