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    Smoke Signal

    Hello Collectors, many thanks to the person who created this site. As a novice collector I am in the infant stages of soaking up all the information available so that hopefully in the future I will have the wisdom to make informed purchases.

    Therefore, I come to this forum with cap in hand requesting information on my first purchase. As a collector of other oddities, I understand that the best knowledge on most subjects is the information paid for with my own dollars therefore not easily forgotten.

    I brought this bowl at auction which was described as from the 1800s. It has a little damage around the collar.  The internal chamber is quite large. Compared to other bowls on this site mine appears to be a utility piece. I am asking can anyone identify the makers mark or any other information from the impressed marks as this information would enhance, to me, its link to the past?

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    hello and welcome to the hobby. I cannot identify the “chop mark” as it’s called. I will tell you that your bowl is legit and there are many made that size. the chamber in the damper was designed to cool the vapor.


    There are fantastic Chinese groups on Facebook and some Chinese groups that specialize in identifying marker marks if nobody replies here.



    Smoke Signal

    Hello Brian, thanks for replying to my post. You have helped as I did not know the correct terminology, chop mark and I will follow up your suggesting on Facebook forums .

    Many thanks, Richard.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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