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    Strange, it seems my original post failed to edit and totally disappeared! Perhaps I tried to upload too many pictures.

    In any case, I was so thrilled to find this site after coming across an interesting object at the thrift shop yesterday. I excitedly picked this pipe up thinking it might be ivory, but on closer examination suspect it to be bone due to the pores and texture. I knew nothing at all about opium pipes prior to finding this site last evening, and started out thinking the pipe may be a tobacco pipe. It’s shorter than other pipes described on this site, and the bowl is rather small (though it does unscrew). I also think it’s quite a bit cruder than other example opium pipes featured here, so I began to think it may be a souvenir/replica despite the yellowing along the stem and bowl. In reading other posts on the forums, it seems to share many features with replica pipes. Nevertheless, I find the scrimshaw-like work to be lovely, and it has a wonderful heavy, smooth feel in the hand. I’d love to get the thoughts or insights from anyone who has more experience looking at these things. Thanks for the help!

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    Hello, Linds. What you have is most likely meant to be used as a decorative item, not for smoking tobacco (or opium). These scrimshaw pipes are generally made of bone, so you’re correct in your assessment of the material. I love thrifting too. It’s like an adventure. You never know what you’ll find. 😁

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